Getting GUI and Swing,


  • How to make a GUI ?
  1. Make a Jframe.(A JFrame is the object that represents a window on the screen. It’s where you put all the interface things like buttons, checkboxes, text fields, and so on)
Example of GUI interface
  • A method to be called when the user clicks.
  • A way to know when to trigger that method.

Getting a button’s ActionEvent,


  1. put widgets on a frame. It means you can Add buttons, menus, radio buttons to the frame.

Things to do in paintComponent()

  • Display a JPEG
  • Paint a randomly-colored circle on a black background
  • To cast a Graphics2D reference from a Graphics2D object like this
  • Methods you can call on a Graphics2D reference.Some of them are below

Inner classes,

Structure of inner class

How to make an instance of an inner class,

How to use Swing,

Layout Managers,

  1. Border Layout,
  • Only one background component per region is divided by a BorderLayout manager, such as NORTH, SOUTH, EAST, WEST, and CENTER. Let’s look at an example of a button being added to the eastern region.You can use this for other region changing BorderLayout.EAST .
  • Components laid out by this manager usually don’t get to have their preferred size.
  • default layout for a frame
  • If a panel is added to the frame ,the Border Layout manager will be in control of the panel by default, and the Flow Layout manager will be in control of the components within it.
  • components added left to right, wrapping to a new line when needed
  • FlowLayout is the default layout manager for a panel.
  • components will be lad top to bottom ,one per line.
  • each component gets to have its own size, and the components are placed in the order in which they’re added.
Example of box layout





Works at Virtusa as Associate Engineer | Software Engineer | Java Tutor | Technology Reseacher

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Gawesh Prabhashwara

Gawesh Prabhashwara

Works at Virtusa as Associate Engineer | Software Engineer | Java Tutor | Technology Reseacher

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